Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The Whitaker family invited us to Delta resevior on Saturday to go boating. We had lots of fun riding on the tubes behind the boat. We had a great day until a wind storm caused us to have to pack up. TyLynn lost both of her shoes in the wind and we only found one about 40 yards away.

Here is Meagan with Ashley Whitaker. As you can see Meagan is slipping off. And there she goes!
Here is TyLynn riding with Riley Whitaker and Natalie Wall.
TyLynn is catching some air in this picture.
And off goes TyLynn with Natalie behind her.
This is Wyatt riding with Wyatt and Bridger Fullmer.
This is the best wreck caught on camera the whole day. This is the beginning of the wreck. Check out the facial expressions. Wyatt is on his way out.
This is the second half of the wreck. We love this picture! Wyatt is flying through the air into the water.
Here is Travis and Meagan. Notice how Travis is holding on for dear life and Meagan is posing for the camera.
Now they are both hanging on for dear life.
Here is Lacey. She had fun playing in the sand. This is her standing in her 'bath tub' that she made.
WeAnd last, but not least, here is Marissa.

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  1. I loved the pictures, especially the wrecks! It looks like you had a good time. It is hard for me to believe that it is warm enough to go boating, but it looked fun.


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