Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Week of School

School has started for everyone in the Taylor family. It took Sharon a couple tries to get the pictures to turn out because Travis had changed the shutter speed on the camera. So therefore, these are not the first day of school pictures. They are more like the 3rd day of school pictures. But as long as it's in that first week, it counts, right?
Marissa is a freshman at the same high school I graduated from. I can't believe my baby is a freshman. Yes, I cried. Meagan is an 8th grader and thinks it's great to be the oldest grade at the middle school.
TyLynn is in 4th grade and in the oldest grade at the elementary school.
Wyatt is in the 3rd grade. He doesn't look very happy in this picture because I had just got mad at him about something. (Mean mom!!)

Lacey started preschool this year. She was so excited. All summer long, she would ask if it was school time yet. I can't believe my other baby started school. Yes, in case you were wondering, I did cry.

Here is a group shoot of all our cute children starting school.

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  1. Fun! Are you old enough to have a daughter in high school? Can't be! It was grat seeing you all the other night. Hey, I have that favor...please leave a comment for me so that I can get a free 11x14. The web address is
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