Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day

July 24th was a big day for us. Kanosh always has a big celebration with activities all day long. We started the day at 6 AM with registration for the 5K run that started at 7 AM. Travis, Meagan, TyLynn, and Wyatt all participated in it. Marissa helped at the finish line. Sharon had to work at the Kanosh Merc. for most of the day, so her and Lacey cheered everyone on as they passed the Merc.
Everyone in the family, except Sharon, was in the parade. She was working and we left the camera home, so hence we have no pictures of the parade. The town provided a big dinner at the park, followed by foot races and games for everyone. (Meagan won her foot race in her age group).
That evening is the big family dance. We took the camera to the dance.
Lacey and her cousin, Sarah, danced every song. They were quite the dancers and had so much fun. Here is Sarah, Lacey, Marissa, TyLynn, Brady, and Shelly all dancing.

This is TyLynn and Brady trying to swing dance.

Here is Meagan dancing with Mr. Blad's nephew. Mr Blad bribed her into dancing with him.

The day was a great day for everyone and filled with lots of fun.


  1. Looks like a ton of fun! We were bummed that we had to miss it. It was really great to see you over the 4th.

  2. It was a fun time wasn't it. Jed and I always look forward to the 24th. Email me at and I will add you to my blog.


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