Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Our dog, Shadow, who isn't much more than a puppy herself had 8 puppies in April. The kids decided that we were keeping the runt and named her Maggie.

Lacey loves Maggie and can't leave her alone. First thing in the morning, she is out playing with Maggie and plays with her all day. Poor dog! She pushes her in the stroller, rides her bike with her, hugs her constantly, etc.

We still have a couple left if anyone wants a puppy!


  1. Sharon.....We really are happy with the puppy (or will be when she quits whining)! But I must say I thought Derrick had lost his mind when he annouced we were getting one. My kids are in heaven and she really is adorable! I hope you didn't take it wrong when I said we were tricked, I still really like you :) Monica

  2. You did a good job and it was fun to see the pictures of the kids and puppy.


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