Sunday, June 28, 2009

End of School

School ended on May 21st. Here are a few pictures taken the last day of school.

This is TyLynn and her 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Child.
This is Wyatt and his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Monroe.

TyLynn set a goal at the beginning of the year to have 100% attendance at school. She accomplished her goal. This is her with her certificate.

Marissa graduated from Middle School this year. The school does a big graduation exercise and gives them diplomas. Watch out- Marissa is on her way to high school!!!!


  1. Well, I just can't imagine that I have a grand daughter about to go to high school. We are happy for you Marissa and so happy that you are a special young woman. Keep remembering "who you are and whose you are" while you are in high school. Also, TyLynn that is so good that you got such a good attendance this year. Way to set goals and keep them. Keep smiling and being such a special girl.

  2. We just found out that Sabree has Mrs. Monroe for 2nd grade. We're really excited!


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