Friday, May 6, 2011

Mock Crash

WARNING: Don't read on if you are sensitive to blood!!!!
MHS participated in an "Every 15 minutes" program to represent that every 15 minutes a teenager is killed in an alcohol related accident. Every 15 minutes a student died and walked around the school as dead. This is Marissa and Deric as walking dead.

Meagan was in a mock crash with a drunk driver accident. She was a pedestrian that was hit while crossing the road. She "died" at the scene.

She really is ok. I had her smile so we had at least one picture that wasn't sad.

Up close!

The 1st officer on scene checking for a pulse.

Putting the blanket over her. It was 80 degrees today.

"marking" her with a black band

Putting her in the bodybag.

loading her in the mortician's van

Meagan had a fun time doing the mock!!! Glad it was a fake!!!

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