Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snieffleness Iceland

We found this unmarked blowhole. Notice the rainbow. Sitting on the coast.

Rock formation on coastline.
There is only one work for Iceland - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Sister Koyle and Sharon
Look at the blue, blue ocean.
Here we are standing by a rock viking statue. This is a slit in the rock caused from the earth shifting. It was a long hike up to it, but Travis and my mom did it. Another beautiful waterfall.
And another one.
The big glacier in the back is the glacier that "Journey to the Center of the earth" was about. The farmers wrap their hay in these white bags to keep the moisture off. I thought they looked like giant marshmellows.
We stopped at this one place and seen a bunch of seals.
Here is another one. Maybe it's the same one, just different view. We will pretend its a different one.

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  1. These pictures are so pretty. Maybe this will convince Rich to go. And yes I did have a girls night on my anniversary because Rich was camping with the priest and teachers that night.


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