Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last night on ship

Our last night on the ship, we took lots of pictures of people we met. This is the magician on the ship. He would come to our dining table every night and show us more tricks. He even taught the kids how to do some magic. This is our waiter, Arnold, from the Phillipines. He greeted us by name everytime he saw us on the ship.

This is our other waiter, Godfrey, from St. Vincent. They treated us so great at dinner time.
Every night, when we would get back to our rooms after dinner, there would be towel animals waiting for us. This is Marissa and Meagan on the first night. They named the towel animals every night.
After naming the towel animals every night, making an fuss, and taking pictures, they put them in the closet. On the last night, they brought them all out and had a party with all their animals.

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  1. When I went on the cruise, I loved those animals too. I could hardly wait to get back to see what animal was waiting in my room.


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