Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puppies everywhere!!

Shadow, our dog, had 9 puppies yesterday. We have 6 black, 2 chocolate, and 1 golden labs. This is her 2nd batch in 7 months. Poor dog - 17 puppies in 7 months. They are so cute. I've decided that puppies are like babies; they are so cute when they are little and THEN they grow up!!! Here is a picture of the cute little things. By the way - they will be ready to go to good homes in January. Let us know what color you want and we will take extra special care of it, until we gladly hand it over to you. Everyone that has one of the puppies from her last batch seems to be pleased. I'm kind of partial to the chocolate ones.

Aren't they just so cute??

Now leave a comment and tell me which one you want!!! thanks!!!!

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