Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Silly Girl

Lacey is so silly! She hates her hair curled. This is what her hair looks like when she gets home from preschool every day. Within 5 minutes of entering the house, she wets down her hair. When it dries, it is straight again. She also does this after church every Sunday. She has been doing it after church for about a year. I thought once she started school, she wouldn't do it anymore. I was wrong. A day hasn't gone by yet that her hair stays curly very long after returning home.
This is right after wetting it down.

She is also becoming very independent. The first couple days I was out by the bus to get her off after preschool. The 2nd day, she said to me, "Mom, you don't have to come get me off the bus. You wait inside." O.K. So the next day, I opened the door and stood at the door step. When she came up, her reply was, "MOM, I told you to wait inside. I am big! I don't need you to come out. Tomorrow stay inside and I will do it all by myself!" Wow! My baby telling me she didn't need me. I was crushed. She is so so so silly!


  1. That is funny! Kempton usually asks me as soon as we get home if he can mess up his hair too. Kids are silly! I am glad that my kids were good for your daughter. They said they loved the babysitter! Brooklynn said she did her braid in her was cute.

  2. sharon!! thanks for the comment.. your blog is so cute and i can't believe how big your kids are getting... and there adorable!! hope your summer has been great:) loves

  3. It does seem possible that Lacey is acting that old. She is growing up!


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